The EquiLend team is continually working to upgrade our platform and services to better serve our clients. Here are some of the highlights from the first quarter of 2014.

Development is currently underway on EquiLend’s Next Generation Trading project, a single trading venue that will streamline the trading workflow from pre-trade activity to the negotiation of trade terms to the booking of a trade ticket. Features of the platform are being rolled out throughout the year.

‘Digitize’ Your Needs

EquiLend is developing new functionality that will allow clients to send all end-of-day positions in “One File” to the EquiLend system including all the information needed across all of our post-trade comparison services. EquiLend will then extract the data required by each service to generate each comparison file. This will minimize clients’ internal technology costs by eliminating the need to build and support individual files per service and per client.

As of this release, EquiLend is now able to extract end-of-day data and generate nightly Contract Comparison files for client timetables. One File will be rolled out across all post-trade comparison services in future releases.

We developed functionality to link an EquiLend client’s and their off-EquiLend counterparty’s RQVs on the Tri-Party Connectivity screen. Additionally, we have added the ability for users to cancel a one-sided RQV transaction (initiate, modify or terminate transaction).

Click here for the full list of enhancements to EquiLend and BondLend in Q1 2014 on our Resource & Training site.


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