Trade Optimization is a suite of services that optimizes a pool of needs and inventory across multiple participants via a "best fit" matching algorithm.

Equity for Equity (E4E)
Equity for Equity (E4E) provides an BondLend's matching algorithm automates the trading process by optimizing the number of possible trades across all participants. Traders can set credit limits to control the maximum notional value filled with eachcounterparty.

Top Off
As a function of E4E, BondLend's matching algorithm will allow for one-sided trades to top off balances. Purpose for purpose trades between two counterparties may become imbalanced as returns and recalls are processed throughout the day.

Equity for Cash (E4C)
Equity for Cash (E4C) is an extension of the E4E service. Unlike E4E, this service caters to executing cash trades with rebate rates. Traders can set their rebate rates and decide to borrow and/or lend to various counterparties by setting credit limits.



  • "Best Fit" matching algorithm maximizes the total trade value across all participants.
  • BondLend minimizes the time necessary to hold inventory as each session is completed within minutes.
  • Set multiple types of limits a limit for the overall session and credit limits for each counterparty.
  • The matching algorithm will take all limits into account.
  • Borrowers and lenders propose rates based off of industry benchmarks within E4C.
  • Bilaterally agree to novate trades to a central counterparty.
  • Multiple sessions are available daily.
  • Screens exist that allow traders to manage limits, review results, and submit needs and/or inventory.
  • Firms can build straight through processing to receive electronic shared trade tickets.
  • Download an XLS spreadsheet of all executed trades.
  • Upload needs and inventory lists via XLS spreadsheet.


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